Checkout the radio show about the book…

I was recently interviewed by Mary Ann Edwards on KNOC radio on Oct. 2, 2012 to talk about my book, I Love You Bigger Than The Whole Wide World.  Listen in and find out more about the inspiration behind writing and publishing the book.  There is a little real estate talk before and after the one hour show.


just click on the link below and after a little rock ‘n’ roll, the show will start…

About Antoinette Rascon,

Antoinette is a Holistic Health Practioner, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and also trained and certified in Bioreprogramming. Her studies, and life journey encompasses a balance of health and holistic healing approaches to help individuals realize their goals and potential. She believes we all have an inner compass that truly knows and guides each of us on our path and loves to help people get in touch with their personal power by releasing past pains and traumas, implementing healthier choices until it becomes habit, and living life authentically and happily. She helps create lifelong, lasting changes that are easy and simple with least amount of effort and more awareness. Her mission is to create a ripple effect to reach our children's children and leave this world a better place than she entered.
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